About Argan Oil Hair Color

Imagine What Hair Color Can Be...

One 'n Only™ Argan Oil Permanent Color Cream is what hair color should be. Rich, brilliant colors, crafted in Italy, are infused with active levels of rare argan oil. Colors are fade resistant, vibrant, luminous, and true. Certified 100% gray coverage. Condition is beyond expectation. Precious argan oil in every drop of hair color creates explosive shine, silky feel and a rich, soft texture that can't be denied. Easy to use, easy to formulate – with two full applications in every tube.

Advanced micro-pigments migrate deep into the hair shaft and deliver true, rich, accurate tones that stand up to time and the environment. You will get consistent fade-resistant performance you can count on.

Argan oil, natural and pure, is one of the world's most precious oils. Derived from the Moroccan argan tree, its conditioning properties help nourish dry and damaged hair. Why is argan oil an ideal hair color ingredient?

  • Hydration – Argan oil infuses hair with essential fatty acids to help lock-in moisture. Moisture is an essential foundation for great condition and healthy-looking hair.
  • Restoration – Argan oil is one of the most effective conditioning ingredients that can be used in any hair care product. Damaged hair appears smooth, renewed with exceptional shine. Results are long lasting.
  • Strengthening – Argan oil helps rebuild the cuticle membrane structure of the hair, reinforcing the overall structure of the fiber. Stronger hair is healthier-looking, shinier, retaining hair color longer.
  • Protection – Argan oil is bursting with vitamin E, essential fatty acids and other antioxidants, known to reduce damage from free radicals as well as thermal and physical stress. It helps develop a strong line of defense against the elements. Hair looks and feels incredible; color longevity is enhanced.