One 'n Only® Argan Oil Hair Color

One 'n Only® Argan Oil Permanent Color Cream is what hair color should be. Rich, brilliant colors, crafted in Italy, are infused with active levels of rare argan oil in a luxurious hydrating hair color formula. Colors are fade-resistant, vibrant, luminous, and true. Gray coverage is certified 100%. Condition is beyond expectation. Hair color with argan oil creates explosive shine, silky feel and a rich, soft texture that can't be denied. Easy to use, easy to formulate – with two applications in every tube. For gentle permanent hair color, choose One 'n Only® Argan Oil Permanent Color Cream.
  • Advanced micro-pigments penetrate deep into the hair shaft
  • Delivers true, rich, fade-resistant tones
  • Argan oil hydrates hair with natural, dense moisture
  • Helps revive and condition dry and damaged hair
  • Renews elasticity and adds shine
  • Lasting results
  • Argan oil strengthens hair by helping rebuild cellular membranes of hair
  • Essential fatty acids and other anti-oxidants help prevent damage
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One 'n Only® Argan Oil Hair Color

One 'N Only™ Argan Oil Permanent & Demi-Permanent
Hair Color Chart

Try a Shade
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Natural Levels Natural Ash Gold Chocolate Tobacco Tangerine Copper Red Red-
LEVEL 10 Lightest Blonde 10N 10A                  
LEVEL 9 Very Light Blonde     9G                
LEVEL 8 Light Blonde 8N 8A 8G     8RG          
LEVEL 7 Medium Blonde 7N 7A 7G     7RG          
LEVEL 6 Dark Blonde 6N 6A     6T 6RG          
LEVEL 5 Light Brown 5N 5A 5G 5CH 5T 5RG   5R 5RV    
LEVEL 4 Medium Brown 4N   4G 4CH 4T   4C 4R 4RV    
LEVEL 3 Dark Brown 3N     3CH       3R 3RV   2B
LEVEL 2 Black 2N                   2RV
LEVEL 1 Very Black 1N                   2V
Available in Demi-Permanent